Girl Talk

I’m already getting shit over at Austinist for such a glowing review of Feed the Animals, but it will do little to change my mind. This record is as good or better than Night Ripper, and I am pleased to recommend it to anyone who enjoys the littlest parts of music just as fervently as the big ones.

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In “No Pause” we get a section of Heart’s “Magic Man” that’s typically considered superfluous and self-indulgent, not to mention downright bad. The bizarre synthesized breakdown occurs at the tail end of a nearly 1:30 minute guitar solo, and accompanies some lilting yet ominous vocal harmonies between the Wilson sisters. All of this buildup in the song makes its end that much more fulfilling, as the song gradually pulls itself back into the chorus. Gillis uses this tiny bit of “Magic Man” as a bridge too, and cuts it off right before the payoff — its crescendo riding shotgun with Chuck D’s “Rebel Without a Pause” — then falling off a cliff, a cliff that leads to Len’s “Steal My Sunshine,” no less.