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Published: 6 years ago

Mixtape: Ocean of Lips

DOWNLOAD: VA – Ocean of Lips (zip)

01 Golden Ages “Be Cool”
02 Spirit Spine “Flashes”
03 The Ruby Suns “Cranberry” (Radio Edit)
04 Keepaway “Yellow Wings”
05 Pure Ecstasy “Easy”
06 Small Black “Despicable Dogs” (Washed Out Remix)
07 Lawrence Arabia “The Undesirables”
08 The Silent League “When Stars Attack!!”
09 Expensive Looks “Living Scene”
10 Memoryhouse “Sleep Patterns”
11 Seams “Nightcycles”
12 Holiday Shores “Air-Glow”
13 Dam Mantle “Grey”

  1. sort of really digging chant darling by lawrence arabia. I bet spoon wished they’d recorded apple pie bed.

  2. This is like a playthrough mixtape. Really solid and a good listen.

  3. Ashlee

    I’m definitely loving Memoryhouse. I just recently downloaded their album from their label (think it’s Arcade Sound?). Only a few songs in, but also loving it.

  4. Kylie Hibbert

    Hi Paige, love your mixtapes!

    Just thought you should know – I’m a huge Lawrence Arabia fan. The song you’ve listed as “The Undesirables” is actually called Apple Pie Bed, from his album Chant Darling.

    You should check out The Reduction Agents, James (AKA Lawrence) was in that band too :)

    Best wishes

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