• 51wF+Sol3wLCat Photo Ankle Socks
  • 61TgCv2h5SL._SL1001_Angelina Monster-Heel Cotton Crew Socks
  • 41TDTmqTkoL._SX385_Hot Sox Cats Socks
  • 81ndYyOvF-L._SL1500_Socks With Attitude
  • il_570xN.408356731_dnpwHand Knit Icelandic Wool Socks
  • 2352839Topman Nepped Socks
  • 2268934Benny Gold Snow Camo Fog Camo Socks
  • N95-01080214Norse Projects - Bjarki Classic Stripe Socks
  • 1842311Anonymous Ism Organic Cotton Socks
  • 2034387Happy Socks Stripe Combed Cotton Sock
  • 898Indian Summer Mismatch Socks
  • 19614_SP4618J. Crew's Men's Camp Socks

Cool Socks

I love socks. I should explain this: I’m not a collector, and I don’t often wear shoes that go with socks (except when exercising), but I love weird socks and I prefer socks to slippers at home. To me, a nice, comfy pair of socks when you’re just puttering around the house is a basic comfort I can’t live without. That being said, I wanted to share a few pairs of socks I’m pretty into at the moment.

Cat Ankle Socks Photo Print Style
Angelina Monster Socks
Hot Sox Cat Socks
I Don’t Give a Fuck Socks
Hand Knit Icelandic Wool Socks
Topman Nepped Socks
Benny Gold Camo Fog Socks
Norse Projects – Bjarki Classic Stripe Socks
Anonymous Ism
Organic Cotton Socks

Happy Socks Stripe Combed Cotton Socks
Indian Summer Mismatch Socks
J. Crew’s Men’s Camp Socks

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