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Tomi Ungerer


I’ve enjoyed Tomi Ungerer‘s illustrations since I was little. I remember having Fog Island in the little reading center at St. Catherine’s Academy. It seemed like a mistake: the illustrations were so dark and the story so ominous to me as a young girl, I felt like I was getting away with reading something that shouldn’t have been available to me.

As an adult, I’ve come to love and admire Ungerer not just for his children’s books (of which there are many, and unfortunately many out of print), but for his art in general and his extraordinary life. Growing up in Hitler’s Germany, immigrating to New York, and becoming friends with Maurice Sendak (they shared an editor) are only some of the fascinating things to learn about this tremendous artist and thinker. His political posters and erotic posters have been banned and remain as powerful today as they did in the 50s and 60s. I gift his books to friends as often as possible.

Listen to his interview with Terri Gross for Fresh Air, and watch Far Out Isn’t Far Enough, the documentary about him.


Pictured above: Three Robbers
Pictured below: Moon Man

Carrie Witherell

By Carrie Witherell


Bartosz Kosowski Lolita Print


Buy one.

Gemma Correll’s “A Map of the Introvert’s Heart”


at Society Six.

Sixth Century Jerusalem

Jerusalem on how would have looked in between the years 542 and 570.


MGM’s Irv Spence Kept a Cartoon Diary in 1944

December 21, 1944

This series is delightful.

Erden Ergaz’s Wonderful Illustrations


Ergaz is an artist based in Instanbul, and these dystoptian illustrations are simply wonderful. Most works depict the collision of human life with technological or supernatural elements.



Victoria Siemer’s “Human Error”


Loving the digital-era self-help simplicity of Siemer’s Human Error series.


Shitty Watercolour


Love his work, a 19 year old from the UK. Go browse all of it. Shitty Watercolour.

Darwin’s Children Added Illustrations to Origin of the Species


More at The Appendix.


Animals Made From Beach Trash


I absolutely love these animals made from beach trash.

Miles Donovan’s “Ulysses”


Miles Donovan‘s “Ulysses” exhibit is a wonderful series of collages that depict images from the missing Ulysses space probe. So, space tourists. Enjoy!

Danielle Krysa’s Commissioned Portraits


Looking to immortalize your home, vacation rental, antique credenza or favorite old car? Commission Danielle Krysa to draw it for you. Love it. Thanks to Apt. Therapy for the tip.

Pierre Soulages


“The more limited the means are, the stronger the expression will be.” –Pierre Soulages

Faust & Nick Cave for Kids

Sojourn -Nick Cave Anschutz Gallery Hamilton Bldg Curated by William Morrow,Nick Cave and Bob Faust

Seen via Creative Review: Branding studio Faust has created an immersive, tactile experience for children at Nick Cave’s exhibit in Denver. The Sojourn exhibition features a floor-to-ceiling felt wall and felt silhouette mannequins that kids can embellish and re-embellish with colorful cut-outs, as well as kids punching bags and a super-sized projection of Cave’s film Drive-By. See more here. If you’re in Denver, go here for info on the exhibition.

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