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Published: 1 year ago

IBM’s Annual Report

IBM Logo

Having worked client-side in a corporate responsibility and sustainability marketing group tasked with researching, creating and marketing an annual report, I can attest to how big a challenge it is. Particularly at a company as big as IBM. It’s a monumental effort that requires so much buy-in across the globe, and getting to a place where you’re actually innovating how people (not just stakeholders) get the information can be the biggest hurdle.

IBM’s 2014 annual report is intuitive, well-organized and engaging, offering a true experience across all the sections of the report as well as the legal and mandatory elements that can sometimes slow down creativity (PDF downloads, accessibility, financials).

Not to mention it’s fun to read more about their efforts!

Published: 1 year ago

Giant UI Magnets

vinyl_product2I love these UI Magnets – huge iPhone whiteboards that go anywhere and can function as creative space for teams with ease. Also available in vinyl! Shop now, and sign up for a free test product!

Published: 1 year ago

Feedly’s Material Design


I highly recommend this Medium piece by Arthur Bodolec, Design co-founder at feedly, discussing how the Material Design UX workshop at Google helped his feedly team think about their application in some new ways. Incidentally, the foundation of feedly was based in material (cards) already – but it’s later in the piece where Bodolec addresses colors and imagery, that the real innovation creeps out. Subtle but powerful before and after pictures included.

Published: 2 years ago

The Future of the Design Agency

“Well, not quite. What’s actually happening, according to friends at agencies, is that client’s willingness to buy design from agencies is decreasing, and project budgets have been shrinking. And the prevailing theory is that this is happening because companies are building in-house teams, and that’s where their ‘design budgets’ are going. Whereas in the past, a company might spend 20% of a design budget internally and 80% externally, that’s now swapped.”

More thoughts on where design agencies are headed by Peter.

Published: 2 years ago

What Theme is This?


I’ll use the shit out of this: What Theme? helps users discover which themes are being used for their favorite sites, not unlike Shazam for themes. Brought to you by the smart and thoughtful team at Inspired Mag.

Published: 2 years ago

Precomposed Touch Gestures


Love these super helpful precomposed touch gestures offered as raw Quicktime files. They work in Photoshop and video editors. Perfect for client presentations or testing internally with teams. Grab them for just $2 (or a tweet) here, and sleep well knowing all the profits go to AFSP.

Published: 2 years ago

Hitchcock’s Architecture & Jacobs’ Wrong Room


For fans of film, architecture, set design, and the laws of space (that’s everyone, right?), I highly recommend Steven Jacobs’ The Wrong House: The Architecture of Alfred Hitchcock. Incredible consideration given to every choice made in the film director’s career, complete with sketches, plans, photos, and more. “The architectural historian should address the imaginary architecture of cinema.” Indeed. You can also browse some of the PDF version of the book here.