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Published: 3 years ago

Phil Ramone on Fresh Air


Had a bit of a NPR driveway moment this morning because I caught the last five or so of Fresh Air‘s interview with Phil Ramone, which happened in 1995. I didn’t realize he’d passed away. His career began with a 14 year old Leslie Gore, and continued until he passed away, having worked with everyone from Burt Bacharach to Paul McCartney. The interview goes beyond that (as most Fresh Air interviews do) with glimpses into what a 1960s studio was like, how he worked (overdubs were illegal, just one day to record Sondheim’s Passion) and what he learned. Just an incredible man with a lot of incredible stories. Next up: the Audio Engineering Society’s Oral History Project five part interview with him. Can’t wait.

Published: 3 years ago

First, Don’t Panic: How to Survive Being Buried Alive

How to survive being buried alive

Skip all the stuff about being buried with your cell phone and meditation and get to the good stuff:

“If you are buried in a typical cheap coffin, it shouldn’t actually be that hard to breach as the weight of the earth above will already be bowing the top board quite a bit; it is even somewhat likely that the earth has already breached the cheap coffin somewhere, without need of your help; if you feel dirt in the coffin, thank your lucky stars because the hardest part is accomplished already.”

Oh, and remind me to buy a really cheap coffin.

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Published: 4 years ago

Coding Horror: On Parenthood

“As an adult, you may think you’ve roughly mapped the continent of love and relationships. You’ve loved your parents, a few of your friends, eventually a significant other. You have some tentative cartography to work with from your explorations. You form ideas about what love is, its borders and boundaries. Then you have a child, look up to the sky, and suddenly understand that those bright dots in the sky are whole other galaxies.

You can’t possibly know the enormity of the feelings you will have for your children. It is absolutely fucking terrifying.”