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Steve McQueen’s Ranch Is for Sale


In the market for a stunning $7.4 million ranch in Idaho? Steve McQueen’s is for sale.

Cat Teepee!



Blue Witch Octopus Mug


I don’t care how many coffee mugs I already cram in my cabinets, I need this Octopus Mug from Blue Witch.

Inaluxe: The Dwarf Emu


Love absolutely everything over at Inaluxe, particularly this emu. Can’t wait for their store to open up later this month!

Cat Pots by Miriam Brugmann


She has a bunch of these, and they’re all inspiring me to care more about houseplants.

Organizing Kids: Half Moon Storage Basket

half moon basket

It can be hard to keep track of all your kid’s crap all over the house. Not only that, but many storage options aren’t feasible (I love wicker baskets for look and affordability, but my cats destroy them). This storage basket from LEIF is a gorgeous compromise: leather straps are durable and designed to handle wear, and the organic cotton fabric can remain sturdy even if you have to manage dragging it around the house with a heavy load.

LEIF’s Imbiber Mugs


I love these Imbiber mugs from LEIF – they’re sold out at the moment but hang tight, they should return. Or check out the rest of LEIF’s coffee and tea accessories for the home: everything is amazing.

Gifts & More at Nonesuch Things

If you’re like me, you’re starting to bookmark and organize gift ideas for the holidays. I can never patronize as many wonderful outlets as I’d like, but this time of year is so much fun because I can always discover tons of inspiration to share with others.

Nonesuch Things is new to me, and they’ve got a wide variety of gorgeous and unique ideas for kids, grownups and everything in between. Pictured is their MT Tape – Animals … a roll of tape depicting animals and including their encyclopedic information. The illustrations are gorgeous and it’s quite affordable at £6.00.

Stay tuned for more gift ideas this season!

Organizing Your Home’s To-Do List With Brightnest

We’re going to need this. Brightnest is an amazing free tool that helps homeowners keep track of maintenance tasks around their property. It’s the easiest thing to set up in the world, and I’ve already annoyed the hell out of my spouse with a long list of to-dos.

Hush, a Private Rest Cocoon (Autism Support)

Thanks to Laughing Squid for the heads up on this amazing product. HUSH is currently just a concept by Freja Sewell but is indeed being developed for production. It’s a convertible chair that transforms into a “dark, quiet, natural space”. When I saw the image I couldn’t help but think of the quiet spaces we created in our home for Dash when he was younger. Many children (and adults) with autism need spaces like this in their home to decompress and detach from situations that are too stimulating or stressful. I wish I’d had something like this when he was three and came home from the grocery store totally freaked out.

It’s made of 100% wool felt!

2012 In Caffeine We Trust Calendar

There are a lot of awesome calendars out there for 2012, but this one is my favorite.

Dream Home: Villa Midgard

Looks like good design

Adorable Camera Lens Mug

It’s a mug that looks just like a Canon 24-105mm lens!

Vinyl Envy



The HiCan Bed


So let me get this straight. It’s a bed, with automatic pull down screen, built-in gaming console, integrated PC system and automatic lighting options? It’s a real bed, and it’s for sale? Someone find me a sugar daddy.

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