Google Ability



“In envisioning an improved technology for the visually impaired, Google Ability uses new design elements to create tools and features that consider all types of conditions and can be filtered across other platforms. The service would act independently to the Google Maps App while complementing the indoor and outdoor mapping service.”

“Indoor and outdoor” is the part of that bit that excites me the most from an accessibility standpoint. Making navigation better for everyone, wherever they are, is incredibly important, but particularly for low vision users.

It’s just in London right now, but tinker with the site and learn more. Should inspire you even if you don’t work on ADA compliant websites. By making assistive technology something everyone benefits from using, we’re pulling it out from the shadows and inspiring more developers and thinkers to iterate in the space.

Overlook Hotel, Under Construction


Thanks to The Overlook Hotel for sharing these amazing photos of the scale models of the film’s facade under construction. These small models were used by Production Designer Roy Walker to work out layout and scale issues, as well as for Director of Photography John Alcott’s initial lighting tests.


Denis Boudreau Joins Simply Accessible

Great news!

“The founding principles of web accessibility instantly made sense to me. For a couple of years, it was just about building an efficient process. It’s only later that I started to really look at accessibility and its benefits from a human perspective.” —Denis Boudreau