Medium: How Bad UX Killed Jenny


When most of us design a User Interface, and fail at basic usability, the worst that happens is that our product fails. Yet, when the designers of this system, or even an airplane’s cockpit, fail at their design, there are real physical harms. With so much on the line, you would think these industries would have hired the best designers in the world to carefully craft the User Experience. But they don’t.

Highest Priced Photographer Alive

photo by andreas gursky

Gursky’s May Day V (2006), at Matthew Marks.

Important Photo of the Day: Fleetwood Mac, 1977

photo by sam emerson

Video: Eyes of Hitchcock

Eyes of Hitchcock from Criterion Collection on Vimeo.

Macau’s Magic Squares


Macau’s postal service is releasing a series of stamps based on magic squares. Full set will include the SATOR, and Dürer’s Melencolia. Below you see a Nasik 2D geo-magic square of order 3 (all the rows and columns are magic, but so are all six diagonals, including the four “broken” diagonals).


Learn more about the stamps at the Macau postal service site.

Sharon Napier on “Having it All”

Over at Digiday:

Why don’t we talk about real fears, like how women can go up in the rank, find mentors?

Teaching Kids to Code


Hongkiat has a great collection of apps and other tools to help teach kids (well, anyone) to code. My older son and I use Hoptscotch, but I’m excited to try some others listed I didn’t know about.

Bartosz Kosowski Lolita Print


Buy one.

Infinite Jest in LEGO


P. 43 The beastly metro Phoenix A.M. heat just outside.


Gemma Correll’s “A Map of the Introvert’s Heart”


at Society Six.

Every Hitchcock Cameo



Brilliant. Best of luck (not that they need it) to these savvy folks: Wildcard.

Running Up That Hill Documentary

Thanks to Stereogum for the heads up.

More Sci-Fi UI: Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation – “Skynet UI/UX” from MN8 / Jake Sargeant on Vimeo.

Guardians of the Galaxy UI Reel

Guardians of The Galaxy UI Reel from Territory on Vimeo.

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