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Hoekman’s User Experience Tenets

Great piece by Robert Hoekman Jr. on Smashing Magazine offering thirteen essential tenets of user experience. My favorite is number one:

User experience is the net sum of every interaction a person has with a company, be it marketing collateral, a customer service call, or the product or service itself. It is affected by the company’s vision and the beliefs it holds and its practices, as well as the service or product’s purpose and the value it holds in a person’s life.

Read them all @ Smashing.

Dana Chisnell on the State of Usability Testing

“Tasks aren’t what you think. They are the centerpiece of usability testing, but we are often asking people to pretend. People don’t come to technology with tasks in mind.” -Via Luke W

The Art of Pat Perry

pat perry

Thanks to This is Colossal for the heads up on Pat Perry’s illustrations. Just beautiful. Browse his Flickr for more when you’ve digested the site.

I’ll just put this right here: Designing for the Modern Web.

Gift Watch: Colin O’Dowd’s Graphkins


Colin O’Dowd’s Graphkins are beautiful, geeky and infinitely useful. Gift these to design geeks, architect friends, math nerds, doodling artists, or anyone who likes creative use. Wonderful around the office too, for long meetings that require some useful outlets for side thoughts, immediate thought gratification or very uniform note-writing. As seen in Eighty One Design’s “14 Items All Design Geeks Must Have”.

Origami Wizardry with the Roman on Flickr


Origami Roman is a master. Roc, shown above, is “folded from a 50 x 50 cm square of “elephant hide” paper, no cuts.” Check out the rest of his work here.

Gift Watch: Eames Elephant


It seems like everyone I know is having babies right now, and there’s something unbelievably difficult about choosing gifts. Sure they’re registered, but usually you want to put some more thought into it. Then again, it seems like the essentials are what will have the longest value and use. Forget all that, get me an Eames Elephant right now, I’ll make babies just to use it.

Ajax Woes

You might have noticed that I’ve changed some things around here. It’s still a work in progress, I appreciate your patience through the weekend.

Also, if you happen to have any experience making Ajax play nice in WordPress, I’d appreciate some tips. I’ve tried to use both (a couple different kinds of) comment forms and contact forms, none of them display properly. I then tried to use Ajaxd (which seems to be amazing), but that didn’t work either. I did deactivate all my other plugins, etc. I’ve got very limited experience making plugins play nice with each other (I’m sure that’s what the issue is, or a general theme difficulty, perhaps?) so if you’ve got insight and some time to help, I’d be grateful. I’ll make you a present or something.

Anyway, hang tight while I finish sprucing things up. Don’t forget about the feed, which includes my Delicious links in daily doses. Super fun.

Kyle Bean’s Future of Books

Kyle Bean Portfolio

KDa Architecture <3s Graphic Design


Klein Dytham architecture’s Web site is beautiful and perfect for what they do. It’s a sort of portfolio or gallery style site, refreshing launches a new example of their work, alongside commentary on it. Their fusion of graphic design and architecture is inspiring, one of the most direct bridges between digital design and physical I’ve seen.